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Desbravador Clients

We have been working with Desbravador's Hotel Management software for 20 years. This fact alone demonstrates how their technical support and development of new tools has been and continues to be. The partnership between Recanto Park Hotel and Continental Inn with Desbravador is an enviable relationship. It is very nice to work with companies of this size.
The Nadai Confort Hotel was the first hotel in Paraná and the number two client of Desbravador. After a long partnership, we can affirm that Desbravador offers us great ease in our business. The on-site support has the technical capacity to meet our needs, showing themselves truly interested in solving problems that have occurred. As a client, we hope to count on constant updates so that the system will always be distinctive to the market.
I have worked with hotel management for more than 25 years and have known Desbravador for 23 years. I have been through all of Desbravador's processes, improvements, advances and innovations and can guaranty that they have grown gigantically, meeting all expectations. I helped with and accompanied the implantation of the first Desbravador program in Hotel Bertaso 23 years ago, when along with the Desbravador team and the Hotel we could live with the deficiencies, improvements, and now with the Desbravador 4.0, excellence. The great move of the Desbravador system was always innovation and the company's dignity with its clients. Speaking of Desbravador is an honor for me because, in addition to an excellent system, its great feature is its technical support which attends businesses that work 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
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